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Historism in the Mix

Historism in the Mix Years ago, I bought a badly printed book series of old oil paintings in a second hand bookshop, which probably once adorned the living room wall of a now abandoned middle-class household. For a long time,… Weiterlesen →

Open Mouth Paintings

Open Mouth Paintings This series of five oil paintings on paper was created in 2012. I chose videos of songs that I like and in which the stars have open mouths. The wide-open mouth is indeed an important symbol of… Weiterlesen →

Making of “Drawing Heroines #1”

This character is one of a series of four hero_ines with big pencils. I drew them for promo material for illuskills and enjoyed myself a lot while doing so. Diese Figur ist eine aus einer Serie von vier HeldInnen mit… Weiterlesen →

Making Sense

Making Sense Unlike my digital illustrations, my collages are not planned in advance, but are created intuitively in an open process. In my illos, I know in advance what statement I want to make and consciously choose a visual strategy… Weiterlesen →

Making of “Declining Nude”

Making of “Declining Nude” This illustration is a bit older. But it is the first that seemed to me to be in the direction of a still-to-be-developed style of digital illustration during my first steps on the cintiq. Other illustrations… Weiterlesen →

Wellness Buddhism

Wellness Buddhism


Tulips Acryl auf Karton

Zaha Hadid House Vienna

Painting: Watercolor and Gouache on Paper. A live study of the Zaha Hadid House located at the ‘donaukanal’ in vienna

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